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Challenging Research Award


To encourage young faculty members at Tokyo Tech to engage in challenging research, Tokyo Tech has established the Challenging Research Award for creative, up-and-coming researchers who boldly pursue the promotion of the most advanced research in the world, pioneering of new fields of study, innovative development of new research, and important issues that are difficult to solve. We commend the recipients of this award and provide them with financial support for their research. Many of the researchers who won this award have also gone on to win the Commendation for Science and Technology by the Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology.In 2019, 10 researchers were awarded and 3 of them won the Suematsu Challenging Research Award.

Throughout the selection, the Office of Research and Innovation make sure the present research trends by the early career researchers and keep setting many opportunities to support them.

FY2021 Requirements for Recommendation 【Internal】

*Only in Japanese.
*This award is only available to recommended individuals.

FY2020 Award Winners

The 19th Tokyo Tech Challenging Research Awards went to ten researchers each of whom will receive a research grant.

Name Affiliation Title Resaerch topic
★the Suematsu Challenging Research Award
Hideyuki OIDE Department of Physics,
School of Science
Assistant Professor Searches for new particles unveiling the high energy physics scale using innovative tracking techniques
Kosuke ONO Department of Chemistry,
School of Science
Associate Professor Synthesis of Ladder Polymer by Using a Molecular Zipper Catalyst
Yoshimitsu SAGARA Department of Materials Science and Engineering,
School of Materials and Chemical Technology
Associate Professor ★Development of supramolecular mechanophores with cyclic structures
Shunsuke ONO Department of Computer Science,
School of Computing
Associate Professor ★Deep Plug-and-Play Method: Operator-Theoretic Analysis and Applications to Inverse Problems
Shunske Tsuchioka Department of Mathematical and Computing Science,
School of Computing
Associate Professor (Lecturer) A study of representation theory of symmetric groups via categorification, Lie theory and computers
Takuya OKI Department of Architecture and Building Engineering,
School of Environment and Society
Associate Professor A study on estimation of detailed building attributes by deep learning using various types of big data
Yuto KOIZUMI Institute for Liberal Arts Associate Professor English Academic Writing through Film Analysis
Yu KUMAGAI Laboratory for Materials and Structures,
Institute of Innovative Research
Associate Professor ★Understanding and prediction of point-defect properties in solids
Yuya TANAKA Laboratory for Chemistry and Life Science,
Institute of Innovative Research
Assistant Professor Challenge for development of single-organometallic molecular wires with anti-ohmic behaviors
Junghwan KIM Materials Research Center for Element Strategy Assistant Professor Development of efficient blue LEDs using novel halide and oxide semiconductors
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