Research Support Activities

List of the Past Grant Recipients

FY2019 Grant Recipients

Affilitaion Title Name Research topic
Department of Chemistry,
School of Science
Assistant Professor Hiroyoshi OHTSU Development of flexible memory devices
Department of Chemical Science and Engineering,
School of Materials and Chemical Technology
Assistant Professor Ryota SHIMIZU AI-Robot-driven materials research in polyanion-compound thin films with high Li+-ion conductivity
Laboratory for Future Interdisciplinary Research in Science and Technology,
Institute of Innovative Research
Assistant Professor Yosuke MIZUNO Performance Improvement of Brillouin Optical Correlation-Domain Reflectometry Based on Arbitrary-Shaped Optical Frequency Modulation
Global Scientific Information and Computing Center Associate Professor Satoshi MATSUURA Decision Making in Security Incident Response using AI/ML.

FY2018 Grant Recipients

Affilitaion Title Name Research topic
Department ofEngineering Associate Professor Tetsuo Kodera Development of fundamental technologies toward semiconductor quantum computers
Department ofComputing Research Staff Ryohei Banno Coexisting load distribution and low latency in pub/sub messaging
Department ofEnvironment and Society Assistant Professor Norihisa Kawashima Development of low-cost system with computational simulation, sensor monitoring, and networking technologies for nudging energy-saving behavior in buildings using passive design strategies

2018 winners of the Special Award for Remarkable Achievement

Affilitaion Title Name
Department ofComputing Specially Appointed Professor Satoshi Matsuoka
Quantum Computing Unit, Institute of Innovative Research Professor Hidetoshi Nishimori
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