Research Support Activities



The Fund is designed to provide financial support to researchers engaged in fundamental science and engineering research, including steady research in mature engineering fields, engineering research that explores new possibilities based on a long-term perspective without being influenced by trends, and original engineering research for which it is difficult to acquire funding.

Background of ASUNARO Grant

Professor Emeritus Koichi Asano has studied the precise separation of multicomponent systems and developed a theoretical system for multicomponent distillation that can be applied to a wide range of temperatures, including cryogenic temperatures. He also succeeded in developing a plant for the production of ”Water-18O”, which is a raw material for diagnostic reagents used in PET, a method widely used in cancer screening.

The grant was established in response to Professor Emeritus Asano's wish to donate a portion of the proceeds from his research, saying, "I am grateful to society for the many years of support that allowed my work in basic research to flourish. In return, I would like to use the funds to support basic research by future generations.

FY2024 Application guideline【Internal】

※FY2024 application is closed.

FY2023 Grant Recipients

FY2023 was the third year of the grant, in which five researchers were selected as recipients.

Affiliation Title Name Research topic
Department of Physics,
School of Science
Overcoming thermoelectric trade-off by controlling the flow structure of superconducting quantum magnetic flux
Department of Chemistry,
School of Science
Revealing the principles of ion selectivity of crown ethers by cutting-edge molecular spectroscopy
Department of Materials Science and Engineering,
School of Materials and Chemical Technology
Induction of carbon-carbon bonding from carbon dioxides on metal sulfide using potential-step method
Department of Life Science and Technology,
School of Life Science and Technology
Assistant Professor Ayumi
Exploration of molecular mechanisms of nutrient transport from mother to child and their comparative evolutionary analysis
Laboratory for Chemistry and Life Science,
Institute of Innovative Research
Exploration of Unprecedented Metal-Allenylidene Species and its Application to Novel Synthetic Methodology

Research Outline

Award Ceremony

The award ceremony was held on June 23, 2023.
At the ceremony to present the recipients with their award notices, President Kazuya Masu stated in a speech that he was looking forward to seeing the development of their research. Professor Emeritus Asano also addressed the recipients expressing high hopes for the steady development of their research activities and ultimately a fruitful outcome by the end of their long-term efforts. Following their speeches, recipients explained their research activities and then had a deep and active discussion with Professor Emeritus Asano, President Masu, Executive Vice President for Research Watanabe, Head, Research Development Section, Office of Research and Innovation (Head URA),Nitta.

集合写真 (Front row, from left)Assistant Prof. Koichiro Ienaga, Assistant professor Keisuke Hirata, Professor Emeritus Kouichi Asano, President Kazuya Masu,Assistant Prof. Akira Yamaguchi.
(Back row, from left:)Assistant Prof. Ayumi Nagashima, Executive Vice President for Research Osamu Watanabe, Head, Research Development Section, Office of Research and Innovation (Head URA) Nitta, Assistant Prof. Taiki Morita.