Establishing Research Groups

Advancement Groups


Advancement Groups are unique organizations established to promote research in specific fields that are important for future society and that should be promoted by Tokyo Tech. The organizations aim to promote research on a university-wide and strategic basis by planning various research projects with the cooperation of faculty members across departments and other organizations.

Advancement Groups are established under the Office of Research and Innovation and can be established for cases that fall under the following:

  • Research fields positioned within the Mid-Term Goals and Mid-Term Plans or similar concepts.
  • Research fields recognized by the Strategic Management Council.

List of Current Advancement Groups

As of April 1, 2023
No. Research fields Name Adviser Outline
Affiliation Title Name
1 Sustainable Social Infrastructure Advancement Group for Sustainable Social Infrastructure School of Environment and Society Professor Mitsuyasu IWANAMI WEB
2 Holistic Life Science  Advancement Group for Holistic Life Science Vice President for International Cooperation
/School of Life Science and Technology
Professor Nobuhiro HAYASHI WEB