Research Communication Support

Press releases for international media

University Research Administrators (URAs) from the Research Development Section, Office of Research and Innovation provide support with press releases for international media. If you would like to issue a press release, please contact the Public Relations Division (media[at] *Please replace [at] with @). They mainly handle domestic press releases, while we handle all international press releases. After your request is accepted, URAs from the Research Development Section will contact you.

For more details on press release procedures, visit Tokyo Tech website for Faculty and Staff(Internal).

Differences between domestic and international press releases

There are significant differences in how Japanese and English press releases are written.

In Japan, media reporters write original news articles based on press releases from universities or companies, then the news is released to general public. Therefore, press releases from universities for domestic media need to contain specific details about the research and results.

On the other hand, in English-speaking countries, rather than writing original articles, reporters take content directly from press releases and share it with the general public. Therefore, international press releases should be written for broad audiences. Due to this difference in needs, simple translations from Japanese into English are not very effective.

Therefore, Research Development Section URAs provide international press release support.

Merits of international press releases

By creating press releases for international media, you can expect to achieve the following:

  1. Increase awareness
  2. Convey your research results to more people overseas
  3. Increase your credibility, because media coverage is based on third-party evaluations

Recently, the Altmetric Attention Score has been used to index the attention level of scientific papers.

Press release distribution

The Office of Research and Innovation distributes press releases using the following:

  • EurekAlert (press release portal site by AAAS)
  • Tokyo Tech News
  • Email delivery
  • SNS
  • Other portal sites (PR Newswire, Cactus Communications, etc.)

Track record for international press releases

This graph shows the track record for international press releases by URAs from the Research Development Section.
Supported by a MEXT program, the number of press releases has been increasing since 2013. In addition, Tokyo Tech is a top performing university in Japan regarding the number of international press releases.