Conflict of Interest Management

About “Conflict of Interest Management”

In recent years, because of the development and progress in industry-academia-government collaboration, universities are facing the increasing potential risks associated with conflict of interest, such as loss of credibility and disclosure of technologies. Establishing a university’s integrity and social trust is essential to appropriately promote industryacademia-government collaborations. In some cases, implementing management measures for conflict of interest is a funding precondition for research projects.

About the “Conflict of Interest Annual Self-Disclosure System”

Around October-November every year, all the faculty members (full-time and part-time) as well as administrative staff working on industry-academia collaborations are required to disclose their personal information on financial interests and industry-academia collaboration activities. Those who received an e-mail notice from Legal Affairs Section, Office of Research and Innovation, are requested to submit their report via “T2Report” on the Tokyo Tech Portal.

* When new information and/or activities arise, which shall be additionally reported as the objective of Conflict of Interest Management, after you have completed the annual T2Report process, please contact the group below.


Legal Affairs Section, Office of Research and Innovation