Research Funding

Creation of Research Plan for KAKENHI

1. Seminar "How to Write a Research Proposal for a Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research" (How-to-Write Seminar)

With the goal of helping our university faculty and researchers obtain Grants-in-Aid (KAKENHI), we invite university faculty with extensive experience in obtaining and reviewing large-scale research project funding to serve as lecturers in seminars on how to write research proposals, targeted mainly at junior faculty and researchers (assistant professors, researchers, postdoctoral researchers, graduate students), to provide them with examples and advice regarding things to keep in mind and important points to note when preparing a research proposal. (This differs from the annual Grants-in-Aid orientation provided by the Research Promotion Department.)

For details on the How-to-Write Seminar, please see the following.
2013 Application Guidelines Handouts・Q&A (internal access only)

2.Seminar "Peer-Review of Proposals for Grants-in-Aid for Scientific Research" (Peer-Review Seminar)

We offer our "Peer-Review Seminar" to provide peer reviews (corrections) of proposals for Grants-in-Aid for Scientific Research to help improve proposals and advance them to the next step.

University faculty with extensive experience in obtaining Grants-in-Aid, etc. serve as lecturers and work one-on-one with participants to peer-review (correct) their rejected proposals from the perspective of a reviewer.

For details on the Peer-Review Seminar, please see the following.

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