Research Grants

2. When a funding organization deposits a grant into a faculty member's personal bank account, which is then transferred to the Institute's bank account

Flow of Procedures for Receiving Research Grants

予算執行開始までの流れ イメージ

Funding organization decides to award a grant (Funding organization deposits the grant into the faculty member’s personal bank account)

1.Submission of donation form

The faculty member who will receive the grant must prepare a donation form.
The form must be submitted to the Research Promotion Group (Mailbox: E3-16). A copy of the grant award letter from the funding organization and a copy of the first page of the faculty member’s bankbook must be attached.、Deadline: Around the 10th and 25th of each month

About 1 week

2. Decision by the Institute to accept the grant

If the Institute decides to accept the grant, the faculty member who will receive the grant is notified of the decision by email.
The faculty member is also notified of a budget code at this time.

About 2 week

3. Sending of Payment Request

The Accounting Division sends a Payment Request to the faculty member.

4. Transfer of grant

The faculty member must transfer the grant to the Institute’s bank account stated on the Payment Request. When doing so, deduct bank fees from the grant and transfer the remaining amount to the Institute. The Institute will bear the cost of bank fees.*

*This is only applicable when a funding organization is unable to deposit the grant directly into the Institute’s bank account due to their policy. In all other cases (i.e., where it is possible for a funding organization to deposit the grant directly into the Institute’s bank account), the faculty member must pay the bank fees to transfer the grant from his/her account to the Institute’s account.

5. Available for use

It takes approximately three weeks from the time the Accounting Division confirms that the grant has been transferred to complete internal procedures, update the Purchase Request System, and make the grant available for use by the faculty member.

A receipt is sent from the administration office to the faculty member. A letter of appreciation is not sent to the funding organization. If a letter is required, please contact us.

Donation forms for research grants

Research grants are donations from organizations funding the research through application screening.