Research Grants

Research Grant FAQs


What are research grants?


Research grants are a type of donation for education and research awarded through an open application process by funding organizations. If you receive external funding which you are not sure whether it falls into the category of research grants, please contact us.


When does the grant become available for use?


The grant can only be made available, through the Purchase Request System, after the funding organization deposits the grant into the Institute's bank account on or around the scheduled payment date (scheduled transfer date) stated on the donation form.It takes approximately three weeks from the time the Accounting Division confirms that the grant has been deposited to complete internal procedures and update the Purchase Request System. If necessary, the grant may be used during these three weeks (i.e., while internal procedures are being carried out). Please contact the Research Promotion Group if you want to check the deposit and/or need to use the grant immediately.


How can I find the budget code for my research grant?


The code is stated in the Notification of Acceptance of Research Grant, which is sent to the faculty member who will receive the grant by email.The budget code for research grants start with "KJ." (It usually takes about three weeks to update the Purchase Request System after the grant is deposited into the Institute's account.)


I am going to be transferred to another university. I want to bring the research grants awarded to me to that university.


The Industrial Cooperation Operations Group of the Industrial Cooperation Division is in charge of transferring research grants. Please contact them.


Are there any rules regarding the use of research grants?


You must follow two sets of rules.

  1. The Institute's accounting rules, such as the Tokyo Institute of Technology Accounting Regulations
  2. The funding organization's rules regarding research grants

Please contact an administrative group in charge of the use of research grants (donations for education and research) if you have any questions.


The funding organization has asked me to submit an income and expenditure report. What should I do?


We will issue accounting documents, such as a grant account statement. Please contact the Research Promotion Group.