Industry Liaison

Other Collaboration Scheme

In addition, Tokyo Tech also participates in large-scale consortium-style cooperation with several corporations.

The AES Center jointly undertakes full-scale development of foundational technologies for next-generation energy and empirical research in the aim to develop "smart communities" in which renewable energy sources and energy-conservation practices central to achieving a low-carbon society are incorporated to the maximum extent.

Through industry-government-academia cooperation, the GHEU and GHEC address challenges toward the realization of a hydrogen energy society, elucidate bottleneck technologies, and carry out development of required elemental technologies and development of systems.

SOFTech aims to create technologies that target high-rise buildings and other large-scale buildings in cities that are the nucleus of social functions in order to make it possible to maintain social activities even when major disasters occur.

The Super Smart Society Promotion Consortium was founded to promote the realization of Super Smart Society (Society 5.0) and collaborates with participating companies and organizations to build a new next-generation social collaborative Education and Research platform that integrates development of human resources and research and development activities.

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