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Suematsu Award "Fundamentals and Developments of Digital Technology"


The Suematsu Award "Fundamentals and Developments of Digital Technology" provides a broad range of support for researchers focusing on areas such as computers, robotics, and networks, and for research into applications of digital technology.

Former Tokyo Tech President and Honorary Professor Yasuharu Suematsu was awarded the Japan Prize in 2014 for his contributions to the development of high-capacity, long-distance optical fiber communications through his research at the Institute, particularly his groundbreaking research related to dynamic single-mode lasers. He donated a portion of the prize money to Tokyo Tech in hopes of encouraging young scientists and engineers to pursue research in diverse fields, develop new technology systems, and delve into the unexplored domains of science.Suematsu hopes to create a rising tide of activities that will progressively reveal the shape of the future. The Tokyo Institute of Technology Fund created the Suematsu Fund to promote research in line with Suematsu's vision. President and Representative Director Hisao Taki of Gurunavi Inc., a Tokyo Tech alumnus and supporter of the Tokyo Institute of Technology Fund since its inception, donated a significant additional sum, making the creation of this award possible.

FY2022 Application guideline【Internal】

※FY2022 application is closed.

FY2021 Grant Recipients

Three researchers were selected through the screening by internal and external judges.

Affilitaion Title Name Research topic
Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering,
School of Engineering
Assistant Professor Kenichi KAWABE Excitation Control of Synchronous Generators for Improving Power System Stability -Application of Wide Area Measurement,High-Speed Communication, and High-Speed Computation Technologies–
Department of Life Science and Technology,
School of Life Science and Technology
Assistant Professor Takayuki MIKI Development of computationally-guided phage display for accelerating peptide drug discovery
Tokyo Tech Academy for Super Smart Society Specially Appointed Associate Professor Jun YONEDA Space monitoring of semiconductor charge noise leveraging quantum technologies

Grant Ceremony

On September 2, a ceremony was held online to honor three Tokyo Tech researchers awarded the 2021 Suematsu Digital Technology Award.
Attending the ceremony were: the three award winners, President Kazuya Masu, Executive Vice President for Research Osamu Watanabe, Honorary Professor Yasuharu Suematsu, Chairman and Director of Gurunavi Inc. Hisao Taki, President of National Agriculture and Food Research Organization Kazuo Kyuma, NEC Corp. Chairman of the Board Nobuhiro Endo, Professor Emeritus Katsuhisa Furuta, Fumio Honbo of the Tokyo Tech Alumni Association (Kuramae Kougyoukai), and the Executive Assistant to the President.

Memorial photo of the ceremony Memorial photo of the ceremony

A presidential address was given by Masu, followed by congratulatory speeches by Suematsu and Taki. Then the three award recipients gave presentations on their research. Following their presentations, they received questions and many words of encouragement.

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