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Donations for Education and Research

The Donation for Education and Research is a cash contribution made to Tokyo Institute of Technology for which the donor appoints one of our faculty members as the designated project coordinator. The donation will be used for promoting our educational and research activities and will be given back to the society through the achievements. Tax incentives are available for the donors.

Donation Application

Please send the Donation Application Form signed to the designated project coordinator (faculty member) or to the group in charge (Planning & Management Group, Industrial Cooperation Division). For the application forms received by the 20th of each month, the Payment Request will be issued to the donors around the 12th of the next month. Please decide your expected date of payment on the Application Form while considering this schedule.



Please make a payment through bank transfer to Tokyo Tech's bank account stated on the Payment Request by the due date.

Issuance of Receipt

A receipt will be sent to the donor by the end of the next month following the date of the payment.

Tax Incentives

The following tax incentives will be given to the donors:

  1. For corporations, the entire amount can be included in deductible expenses (Article 37.3, item ii of the Corporate Tax Act).
  2. For individuals, a donation deduction can be made from taxable income* (Article 78.2, item ii of the Income Tax Act).

*Donations over 2,000 yen and up to a maximum 40% of your income can be deducted from your taxable income.

Information Disclosure

Upon request for information disclosure under the Information Disclosure System, information provided by the donors on the Donation Application Form may be disclosed excluding personal information.



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