Collaborative Research Program

Under this program, company researchers and Tokyo Tech faculty conduct joint research on specific themes. Funding is provided by the company, and company researchers are also allowed to conduct their own research at Tokyo Tech facilities.

Sponsored Research Program

Under this program, Tokyo Tech faculty conduct research on specific themes commissioned by companies. Funding is provided by the commissioning company, and results of the research are turned over upon completion.

Academic Consultation

Tokyo Tech faculty use their knowledge and experience to provide advice to companies on specific issues encountered in their research for a reasonable consultation fee.

Visiting Researcher Program

Company researchers are given access to Tokyo Tech facilities. Faculty are available for assistance and advice for a reasonable fee.

Non-disclosure & Material Transfer & Data Transfer Agreements

Non-Disclosure Agreement(NDA)

Non-Disclosure Agreements are concluded between Tokyo Tech and company researchers to protect confidential information.

Material Transfer Agreement(MTA)

Material Transfer Agreements are concluded between Tokyo Tech and company researchers to ensure smooth transfer.

Data Transfer Agreement(DTA)

This agreement is concluded in cases when researchers who are Tokyo Tech faculty members, etc., and researchers grant a license to a corporation, etc. to use research data acquired or generated for compensation.

Collaborative Research Programs

For large-scale joint research, two individuals designated by a company are employed as Tokyo Tech project researchers (limited-term employment).

Collaborative Research Cluster

A company laboratory is established at Tokyo Tech to identify new research themes, conduct joint research, and allow the company to pursue unique research topics.

Educational Research Scheme

Company researchers teach at Tokyo Tech while also conducting collaborative research.