Industry Liaison

Educational Programs for Industries

At Tokyo Institute of Technology, in collaboration with the industrial world, we operate an educational program whose objective is to develop excellent human resources on the graduate school level.

The Academy aims to cultivate "multi-talented human resources" able to freely combine materials and informatics and envision creative ways to connect manufacturing with social services.

At Tokyo Tech, the Super Smart Society Promotion Consortium was founded to promote the realization of Super Smart Society (Society 5.0). Also, we have set up a WISE Program (Doctoral Program for World-leading Innovative & Smart Education) and are cultivating leaders to support the golden transition period of the Super Smart Society.

The Consortium aims to cultivate “Multi-scope・Energy WISE Professionals” who can design a new sustainable energy society with mastering of “Multi-disciplinary energy science” and using “big data science” and “social design” with Tokyo Tech Academy of Energy and Informatics.

Details are scheduled for disclosure soon (during FY2019)