Industry Liaison

International Collaboration

Tokyo Tech is moving forward with establishment of Tokyo Tech ANNEX for the purpose of strategically promoting and implementing international educational programs, public relations, and research in collaboration with universities, research institutions, and corporations, etc., overseas. In a cooperative system with Tokyo Tech's Planning and International Affairs Department , Tokyo Tech ANNEX is being promoted as a university-wide initiative and can be utilized for international collaboration with industry.

For details, see the Tokyo Tech ANNEX Bangkok, Tokyo Tech ANNEX Aachen, and Tokyo Tech ANNEX Berkeley Web sites below.

URAs provide various forms of support to promote research activities with overseas universities, research institutions, and companies. URAs at the Legal Affairs Section and those in charge of institutional analysis may also contribute to the process of establishing a good working relationship with international organizations in collaborative research.

Inquiries: Research Globalization Section, IRFI
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URAs cultivate new partnerships, seek out prospective patrons, and manage negotiations.

Drawing up of contracts

URAs manage negotiations and coordination in the process of drawing up contracts.For more information, feel free to contact us.