Industry Liaison

Frequently Asked Questions


I am not acquainted with any Tokyo Tech faculty member or person connected with industry liaison. What is the first thing I should do?


Send an e-mail to states what you are contemplating. A supervisor of industry liaison who is involved in a discipline that is close to your research discipline will contact you to discuss the matter with you.


I've finished discussions with faculty members about the research subject, etc.
About how many days does it take from sending an application to concluding the agreement?


Normally, it takes from three weeks to one month. During busy periods or when it takes time to adjust the wording of the agreement, it takes longer.
Although Tokyo Tech will respond as quickly as possible to requests to revise the wording of the agreement, it could take time to adjust the agreement.


Do research expenses, etc., have to be paid in advance? Is it possible to pay in installments?


The research expenses and research fees born by you are used to conduct the research, so we request that you make payment in advance.
We accept payment in installments for research expenses for collaborative research and commissioned research but request that you complete payment within the research period.


Who is the owner of the equipment and devices purchased with the research expenses that are paid?


The equipment and devices purchased by Tokyo Tech with the research expenses that are paid are owned by Tokyo Tech. Also, the corporation may supply to Tokyo Tech equipment and devices owned by the corporation for use in collaborative research and commissioned research. The equipment and devices can be returned on completion of the research.


In addition to faculty members, are students also involved in collaborative research and commissioned research?


Students are employed as Research Assistants (RA) and they may at times assist in the research. Also, we employ researchers and persons that provide technical assistance and they may at times engage in the research. Tokyo Tech uses research expenses that are paid to employ all of these persons.


Are research fees and guidance fees that are paid allocated to the supervising faculty members?


A6. Approximately 77% of these fees are allocated to the supervising faculty members.


We would like to appoint Tokyo Tech faculty members to serve as technical advisors. Is that possible?
Also, can we request faculty members to come to the corporation to give talks and lectures for our researchers?


Yes, it's possible. However, technical guidance (appointment as technical advisors) and talks and lectures (with the exception of those based on academic guidance) at your corporation are considered to be subsidiary jobs.
At Tokyo Tech we permit faculty members to engage in subsidiary jobs at corporations, etc., and place an upper limit of 8 hours a week (total time of all subsidiary jobs), regardless of whether the work is paid or not paid.
Faculty members who engage in subsidiary jobs are required to complete a procedure to obtain permission to engage in subsidiary jobs.