Industry Liaison

Intellectual Property

As a general rule, Tokyo Tech succeeds to the rights for intellectual properties that are the employee inventions of Tokyo Tech faculty members, etc.

About inventions by students

  1. As a general rule, the individual student holds the rights to the invention.
  2. When students make a partial contribution to the employee inventions of faculty members, etc., students may voluntarily transfer their rights to Tokyo Tech.
  3. It also may be the case that "Tokyo Tech acquires the rights for the part of the contribution to an invention made by the student in accordance with the conditions of the agreement, etc."

About other inventions

See here for handling of "joint inventions" when the inventors are both the corporate researchers and faculty members, etc., who are researchers at Tokyo Tech.

In some cases, part of the rights of "single inventions" by only faculty members, etc., who are researchers at Tokyo Tech, that are held by Tokyo Tech may be transferred to the corporation as "shared rights." See here for handling of shared rights.

Implementation and use of intellectual property held by Tokyo Tech

Tokyo Tech holds many patents, programs , and other works that can be used to manufacture products and provide services in the everyday world.

See here

Tokyo Tech also holds explanatory meetings dealing with the content of inventions (including undisclosed patents) and presents inventions at a variety of exhibitions.
Faculty members may present the content of their inventions in connection with collaboration on research or for presentations of scientific papers at academic meetings.
(*Specifications of undisclosed patent applications may also be available.
(Please conclude an NDA.)