Industry Liaison

Frequently Asked Questions


Do one of the 3 systems have to be applied for large-scale Collaborative research?


As to normal Collaborative research agreements, an agreement for large-scale Collaborative research (10 million yen or more) is possible. Please consult with a supervisor of industry cooperation who will be glad to propose a system that is suitable in view of the content of the research to be implemented.


Is it possible to renew the period set in a system for large-scale Collaborative research?


Yes, it is possible. However, when renewing the period, you are required to follow the same procedure as that for establishing the original period for the research.


Is there a charge for the dedicated space within Tokyo Tech?


Yes there is a charge. For a 25m² area, the charge is 100,000 yen (excluding tax)/month at the Ookayama Campus and 75,000 yen (excluding tax)/month at the Suzukakedai Campus.


What are strategic industry cooperation expenses?


These expenses are for the amount corresponding to the personnel expense for the research supervisor (full-time faculty member) at Tokyo Tech who will engage in the research and management expenses with respect to the Collaborative research.