Industry Liaison

Currently, the following systems exist.
In addition to these, on receiving a request from the corporation, Tokyo Tech can also take into consideration new methods of collaboration.

Collaborative Research Lectures

The corporation and faculty members and specially appointed faculty members conduct collaborative research.

Collaborative Research Cluster

Part of the Collaborative Research Cluster is placed within Tokyo Tech to conduct collaborative research.

Schemes for Co-Creation of Education and Research

The corporation supervises lectures at Tokyo Tech along with conducting collaborative research.

Collaborative research is conducted based on the agreement concluded between the corporation, etc., and Tokyo Tech to engage in organizational cooperation. Collaborative research based on the agreement for organizational cooperation makes it possible to conduct wide-ranging cooperative activities that can be expected to result in even greater mutual synergy.

  1. More practical cooperation through implementation of several large-scale separate research projects
  2. Organizational cooperation meetings are held attended by corporations affiliated with Tokyo Tech and Tokyo Tech's management and researchers to share information on cooperation policies and the state of progress of collaborative research.
  3. Technical exchange meetings are held with the objectives of discovering new themes and exchanging information
  4. Programs are implemented for the development of human resources
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