Industry Liaison

Visiting Researcher Program

Corporate researchers conduct research at Tokyo Tech under the guidance of Tokyo Tech faculty members. The fee for guidance of a corporate researcher (research fee) is born by the corporation.


Research subjects (guidance content)

Either one of the following

  1. Challenges within the corporation
  2. Set by the faculty member

Roles of faculty members

Guidance for research activities at Tokyo Tech

Roles of corporate researchers

Commissioned researchers conduct research in line with the research subject under the guidance of faculty members.

What is obtained

Research findings, skills and techniques, and knowledge gained by the researcher

Intellectual property*1

The corporation holds the rights to an invention by a commissioned researcher.


The fee for guidance of a commissioned researcher "Research Fees*3" is born by the corporation.

Application of special testing and research expenses tax deduction system


Indirect expenses

Amount equivalent to 23% of the total research fee

Flow of Agreement

1. Look for faculty members to receive commissioned researchers.

"Are there any faculty members who will participate in conducting this research? "We would like to know the research disciplines of Tokyo Tech faculty members."
"What systems are compatible?" etc.,
feel free to contact supervisors of Industrial Cooperation with any kind of question.

2.After the supervising faculty member has been determined, the corporate supervisor and the faculty member meet for interviews and discussion to determine the following matters.

  • Research subject/period researchers are received
*The beginning and ending dates can be freely set. There is no restriction as to the fiscal year.

3. The corporation sends an application for commissioned researchers that states the content above and the resume of researchers to be received by Tokyo Tech to the Office of Research and Innovation at Tokyo Tech.

4. A letter of acceptance is sent.

5. Tokyo Tech sends the corporation a bill for the research fees.
⇒The corporation makes payment (by bank transfer).

6. Commencement of receiving the researchers