Industry Liaison

Collaborative Research Cluster

Part of the corporation's research base is placed within Tokyo Tech to conduct collaborative research.

A system by which part of the corporation's laboratory function is placed within Tokyo Tech to conduct new research theme planning, Collaborative research on several themes, and the corporation's independent research etc.


Collaborative research expenses (including indirect expenses, with the exception of space fees.)

20 million yen or more per year

Specially appointed faculty members*1

Not required

Contribution to education

Not required

Indirect expenses, etc.

25% of direct expenses

Expenses for strategic industry cooperation (15% or more of direct expenses) are separately required


More than 3 years and not more than 10 years

Establishment of a dedicated space within Tokyo Tech

Establishment is required

Person responsible for establishment at Tokyo Tech

Research base head (research representative)

Other information

Establishment of a research planning team with the cooperation of the corporation and Tokyo Tech, membership in Tokyo Tech's Campus Members, and conclusion of an organizational cooperation agreement are required. Also, Tokyo Tech's Open Innovation organization will provide support.

* In regard to research conducted by corporate researchers in cooperation with individual faculty members or several faculty members, from the initial stage of planning the theme set for the research, specific research content, and nomination of faculty members as candidates, etc., Tokyo Tech's Open Innovation organization will work with the corporation to make adjustments to these matters.

* A space for conducting the research will be ensured and maintained within Tokyo Tech.

* An additional space and testing space similar to those areas of the corporation's laboratory can be physically established within Tokyo Tech.

Flow of Agreement

1. A planning team will be established by the corporation and Tokyo Tech's Open Innovation organization in order to make decisions on many matters including research content, faculty members who will be involved, the head of the research base, and the physical space, etc.

2. The flow from then on will differ according to each agreement.

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