Industry Liaison

Collaborative Research Programs

The corporation and faculty members and specially appointed faculty members received conduct collaborative research.
Large-scale collaborative research. The corporation designates 2 persons who are specially appointed faculty members (fixed term) of Tokyo Tech.
Tokyo Tech requests the corporation, etc., to provide funds for collaborative research expenses and the research group is established within Tokyo Tech. Establishment within Tokyo Tech as a research group is a main feature that differs from conventional collaborative research because it enables a stable research base to be built that is expected to generate development of new research.


Collaborative research expenses (including indirect expenses, with the exception of space fees.)

30 million yen or more per year

Specially appointed faculty members*1

Required (2 or more persons)
Recommendation by the corporation is possible

Contribution to education

Not required
Student guidance by specially appointed faculty members is possible

Indirect expenses, etc.

Amount equivalent to 30% of direct expenses


More than 2 years and not more than 5 years

Establishment of a dedicated space within Tokyo Tech

Not required

Person responsible for establishment at Tokyo Tech

Heads of departments, etc.

Other information

Before establishment, collaborative research conducted together with faculty members received is required

* The research objective set and the research content set are the same as for "each separate collaborative research project."

*Tokyo Tech will employ the two or more researchers recommended by the corporation as specially appointed faculty members (specially appointed professor, specially appointed associate professor, specially appointed associate professor (lecturer), specially appointed assistant professor).

*For collaborative research accepted by Tokyo Tech, full-time faculty members and specially appointed faculty members serve as the researchers from Tokyo Tech and conduct the research with the corporation.

Flow of Agreement

1. From before (more than half a year before) establishment of lectures, sufficient discussions between the corporation, faculty members received, and the Office of Research and Innovation will be held in regard to research content, expenses, and employment of specially appointed faculty members, etc.

2. The corporation sends an application form that states the content above to the Office of Research and Innovation at Tokyo Tech.

Please use Tokyo Tech's format for the application form.

3. The Office of Research and Innovation at Tokyo Tech presents an agreement (proposed by Tokyo Tech) to the corporation, and both parties discuss the content of the agreement.

The important points of the agreement are the articles regarding confidentiality and the articles regarding handling of intellectual property.

4. Conclusion of the agreement

5. Commencement of employment of specially appointed faculty members, research