Industry Liaison

Educational Research Scheme

The corporation supervises lectures at Tokyo Tech and also conducts research.

A system by which corporate researchers are requested to participate in education at Tokyo Tech and conduct Collaborative research on themes in the same discipline they work in.


Collaborative research expenses (including indirect expenses, with the exception of space fees.)

10 million yen or more per year

Specially appointed faculty members*1

Not required

Contribution to education

As specially appointed faculty members, corporate researchers give lectures*2 in 2 subjects for 4 or more credits in a year.

Indirect expenses, etc.

30% of direct expenses


More than 2 years and not more than 5 years

Establishment of a dedicated space within Tokyo Tech

Not required

Person responsible for establishment at Tokyo Tech


Other information

Collaborative research and lectures are conducted on the same theme.

Flowchart of Educational Research Scheme